OceanIQ manages a wealth of detailed submarine cable data, spanning over a century of information. Today, a dedicated team ensures these records are kept up to date, with the data underpinning marine activities for many users – including cable owners, governments and ship operators.

This data source is accessible to all; if you can’t find the information you need on our free Submarine Cable Map, the recently launched GeoCableLight available on a user-friendly web-based platform might be the right solution for you or, for GIS specialists, GeoCablePro provides data that can be used on ESRI, Makai, or on OceanIQ’s own GeoCable software. Both GeoCableLight and GeoCablePro show exact cable locations, and access to the data is extremely flexible with different geographic regions available, as well as the ability to layer up cable data depending on your requirements. Those available layers include:-telegraph; coaxial; out-of-service fibre; and-in-service fibre; as well as power cables.

In addition to this rich cable data set, OceanIQ provides a broad range of services to support subsea cable projects, including route engineering, survey and permitting. (hyperlink to other site locations)

The Submarine Cable Map is a free and regularly updated resource from OceanIQ.